This is the world!

Elves and Orcs are at war. Humans and Dwarves decided to stay neutral in this war, while Halflings side with the Elves. This war has been going on for Hundreds of years and no one on either side of the war remember what it was about. Although this war is generally frowned upon, it has provided the entire world with mechanical objects and Magically imbued items.

Dwarves have monopolized metals for this war and is making a profit from selling these metals to Orc craftsmen, who make the mechanical items, and Elven Smiths, who make master-craft weapons for enchanting. Meanwhile the Humans try to provide relief to both sides and have greatly improved the art of healing and, unknowingly, have been keeping this war going for as long as it has.

Now both sides of the war are growing resent-less and are becoming more violent and attacking non-militant structures, such as Hospitals and Trade centers.

Before the war is a mystery to most, but there are a few immortals from before the war who have records of before the war. That’s a lot of before the war. Anyhow, most of those Immortals have hidden themselves away and are impossible to be found.

Besides the usual random invasion of Orcish and Elven armies, Terramore is one of the few safe lands left in this chaotic world.


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