Divine Beings

Elkul, King of the Gods

The oldest God, also known as King Elkul or Father Elkul. He made all the beings from different parts of Alderslyth. The Elves were made from Gold, the purest of metals. The Dwarves were made from Iron, the hardiest of metals. The Orcs were made from steel, the most violent of the metals. The Halflings were made of Platinum, the rarest of metals. The Gnomes were made of dirt, the closest to Alderslyth as physically possible. And, finally, The Humans were made of clay, the most versatile of all. Father Elkul also sculpted all manner of monsters and animals.

Alitranna, Queen of the Gods

The second oldest god, also known as Queen Alitranna or Mother Alitranna. She breathed life into the beings created by Elkul and gave sentient thoughts to some of them. Her first breath was the longest and was given to The Elves. The second breath was smaller and was bestowed onto The Dwarves. Mother Alitranna’s third breath was given to the gnomes and was similar to her second breath. The Halflings received her fourth breath of life and it was half as long as her third breath. As she ran out of breath she quickly breathed onto the Humans then the Orcs before reaching King Elkul’s other creations.

Krissy, Goddess of Nature and Land

Twin Sister to Yersi, also known as Krissy the Alderslyth-bound. She ascended to her Goddess status after devoting her life to tending the land and watching over nature. Queen Alitranna saw her devotion and granted her Immortality and a place in the Kingdom of the Gods, but King Elkul got angry, for Alitranna had went over his head, and bound Krissy to forever roam Alderslyth and only could set foot in the Kingdom of the Gods during the latter part of the year.

Yersi, God of Ships and Water

Twin brother to Krissy, also known as Captain Yersi. He ascended to his God status after devoting his life to tending the sea and mastering the craft of boat building. King Elkul saw his devotion and granted him Immortality and a place in the Kingdom of the Gods, but Queen Alitranna got angry, for Elkul had banished her new goddess from the Kingdom of the Gods, and bound Yersi to forever roam the seas of Alderslyth and only could set foot in the kingdom of the gods during the latter part of the year.

Victanda, Goddess of Storms and the Nether

Fourth oldest God, also known as Victanda the Storm-Bringer and Victanda the Grim. She took her god-like status by being the most powerful Storm sorcerer in all of Alderslyth and even out-stormed both Elkul and Alitranna in a contest. She was bound to Alderslyth to never set foot in the Kingdom of the Gods and was forced to run the Nether, the place where the dead sleep. She was never happy about running the Nether so she taught the sentient beings about necromancy so she wouldn’t have so much work.

Vladimir, God of War and Tactics

One of the two 900 year old Gods, also known as the Blood-Bringer God. He is the Orc Prince that started the war. He has yet to step foot in the Kingdom of the Gods.

Valic, God of Werewolves and Chaos

The other 900 year old God, also known as the Moon-Cursed God. He is the Elven Prince that started the war. He has not stepped in the Kingdom of the Gods either.

Tarkin, God of Vampires and Order

Youngest god, also know as the Father of the Daywalkers. He ascended to try to stop the war over his sister, but he learned from Father Elkul that he could not intervene between two gods who are at war. The only way he could stop the war is if he chose a champion two fight the gods and show them sense.

Divine Beings

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