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Welcome to Tarkin’s domain Otherwise called Terramore.

This is where you as lurkers, players, and others may view info that I’m only going to put here and no where else. (If your a player for me I’d use this for your advantage!) This could hint at the location of the Blade of Tarkin or other mythic loot. Hey if you get lucky I might even HINT at the location Tarkin is so you may confront him and TRY to convince him to join your party.

Another thing! In this world there are mechanical items with additional abilities including that of magic abilities. These are usually crafted by a Jeweler and a Enchanter duo or a powerful Magic-User with the ability of crafting mechanical objects. Although this practice is very Fruitful these items are considered rare, but it seems like there are quite a few here.

Mer-Lock Island

This island was supposedly raised from the ocean by the powerful Wizard named Mer-Lock. Unfortunately that is all that is known about Mer-Lock maybe someone knew him. This island is where you can pick up new people, hire NPCs, or buy supplies.


Yes his picture is Charon. For a reason. He brought you here for a reason. Don’t fight him. I’m warning you.

Tarkin’s Location:

Did you really think it be this easy?

Location of the Blade of Tarkin

Did you really just fall for it agian?

Location of Strange Locket

You think it is either near the ship you arrived in or on one of the first mini bosses. It also might not exist but who knows?

Main Page

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